Why designers choose products:

Customer Testimonials:

"Regarding your embedded systems, SeaFire technical support is outstanding."

                                                                                - Design Engineer, GE

"SeaFire's board comes working right out of the box- couldn't be simpler!"

- Jose Escabi, 3M

"SeaFire goes out of its way to ensure customer satisfaction and outstanding quality"

–Rick C, Electrical Engineer, MA


-Since 1989, our circuit board manufacturer has brought quality, reliable boards from concept to fabrication. They are staffed with 128 workers, and their qualifications include:

UL Certified

IPC 6012 Specification
ISO 9002-94 Certified
MIL-PSR-55110 Certified


SeaFire performs 100% inspection and testing of all of our board products, prior to shipment. All boards are shipped within anti-static bags, enclosed within ESD-proof boxes. SeaFire boards come programmed with a quick start-up diagnostic, so that you may verify, upon arrival, that your board is functioning properly.

-To date, we have had ZERO field failures.

Board fabrication facility


SeaFire supports its products. http://www.seafire.com/support.html

1 year manufacturer’s warranty:
For the period of 1 year from the purchase date of our product, SeaFire guarantees the product to be free from any manufacturing or workmanship defects. At our option, we will repair or replace such a product.


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