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United States Department of Energy Awards SeaFire Phase I Funding to Develop Ultra High-Speed Offload Engine Firmware and Hardware

Beverly, MA -- 09/27/04 --

The United States Department of Energy has awarded SeaFire with a Phase I grant to develop their ultra high-speed offload engine system, for Grid computing applications. As system full data bandwidth reaches or exceeds 10 Gbps, the software, hardware, and protocol designs change when compared to present TOE and R-NIC solutions within industry. The bandwidth and latency demands are addressed by the new, efficient, Sea Fire Engine™ architecture under development. The results of Phase I will be used to manufacture a Beta-Stage system in Phase II, to be tested within a wide area network ( WAN ) environment.

Sea Fire Engine™ applications include a new family of ultra high-speed offload engine firmware and hardware for cluster and Grid computing systems using WANs. Spin-off applications include offload engine systems for blade servers, storage area networks, and communications systems, as communication speeds exceed 10-40 Gbps.

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