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SeaFire Engine™ receives 3rd Round of USDOE funds

Beverly, MA -- 10/05/05 --

SeaFire has been awarded a US Department of Energy Phase II grant, for continuing the prototype development of a 10 - 40 Gbps offload engine system for Grid Computing. The SeaFire Engine™ is a C-NIC product that performs offloads for TCP/IP, DDP, FEC, and IPSec, and is designed for WAN or LAN connectivity. Total USDOE Phase I and II funding, for the SeaFire Engine, will be nearly $1M once the systems are deployed. National Laboratories have signed-up for Phase II Beta Testing of the product.

As host data bandwidth reaches or exceeds 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps), the software, hardware, and protocol designs change when compared to present TOE and R-NIC solutions within industry. In May 2005, SeaFire Micros, Inc. announced the completion of its second Phase I USDOE funded project. Through design, simulation, and network testing, the resulting architecture was theoretically verified to operate from 10 - 40 Gbps.

The corporation continues to focus on both commercial and government sector applications for its Grid Computing Product, for use in WAN, blade servers, storage area networks, and defense systems, as communication speeds exceed 10-40 Gbps.

Now accepting Beta Site Orders for Offload Engine Systems

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