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SeaFire Completes Grid Computing Project, Accepts Beta Site Orders

Beverly, MA -- 05/04/05 --

SeaFire Micros, Inc. has announced the completion of its second USDOE funded Phase I STTR project: the SeaFire Engine™. The resulting architecture is a scalable, 10 - 40 Gbps offload engine for grid computing. SeaFire is now accepting Beta system orders from customers requiring the ultra high-speed NIC's and C-NIC offload engines.

Applications requiring a full 40 Gbps offload engine benefit from the SeaFire Engine™ C-NIC, which offloads functions including FEC, DDP/IP, TCP/IP, and IPSec. Dual on-board network processors, within the patent-pending architecture, allow for the system to Intelligently adapt to network conditions for optimal network utilization, while maximizing data bandwidth efficiency on a per processing node basis.

Applications requiring direct connection to WAN OC-192, OC-192c, EOS, POS, or 10 GigE LAN, but not requiring the above full offload features, are available as dual and quad channel NIC's for the PCI Express interface. The NIC's are capable of handling 64kByte SONET sized packets.

Defense applications include globally integrated control and detection for tactical, weapons, radar, sonar, and system of systems monitoring and surveillance. The SeaFire Engine™ C-NIC allows for nationally and globally linked clusters, using leading-edge open-source software.

Now accepting Beta Site Orders for Offload Engine Systems

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