SeaFire® designs intellectual property and systems that are at the pioneering edge for the world's fastest offload engines. Offload products range from ultra high-speed engines in server-level and mobile devices, to software-based solutions, and core I.P. for FPGA's and ASIC's. SeaFire offload engine systems offer the best for price-performance and low power consumption.

As host and embedded cpu data bandwidth increases, the software, hardware, and protocol designs change when compared to present solutions within industry. SeaFire architecture maintains compatibility with industry standards, while increasing performance.

Our systems are based upon unique coding and architecture derived by industrial computing veterans and cloud computing architects. SeaFire Engineers have designed dozens of industrial and networking computers and have written code for their systems-on-chip (SOC). SeaFire's Engineers have managed the transfer to production of all such designs, resulting in the manufacture of thousands of systems with software, SOC, and circuit boards. Our customers include multi-billion dollar firms, fortune 500 companies, and the Federal government.

Patented Video Streaming Invention - Worldwide Top 8 Award

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