Press Release          Grid-X, a SeaFire Innovation


Cloud Accelerator Emerges from Stealth

August 2, 2010, Boston, MA.

Grid-X, a cloud computing architecture, has emerged from stealth mode. Innovated by SeaFire Micros, Inc, the Grid-X prototypes dramatically accelerate processor and TCP/IP speeds for high-end IEEE 100GigE networks. In addition to traditional network infrastructure, Grid-X can accelerate mobile devices for streaming video on smartphones like the Google Android[TM]. Both prototypes were demonstrated in July 2010, to the firm's strategic customers and technology partners in the aerospace, defense, and supercomputing industries.

The patent-pending Grid-X architecture is one of SeaFire's green initiatives. Grid-X has shown to require 50% - 75% less computing resources and generates less heat than present backplane or battery powered solutions. For mobile devices, this capability allows extended use of data intensive applications with minimal drain on the battery.

The prototypes for the new Grid-X products were developed through federal grants to SeaFire Micros, Inc., with networking and software architects led by industry veteran and entrepreneur James Michael Awrach. Further information is available on

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